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Jessy Jaison Ph D

Experienced theological educator and qualitative research mentor and consultant with a demonstrated history of serving the church and theological institutions for the past 28 years. Based in Kerala, South India she serves as the Director of Research and Advancement at New India Bible Seminary. Her academic interests are Practical Theology, Theological Education and Research Methodology. Skilled in Leadership Development, Teaching, Writing, Public Speaking and Group Counseling. A keen author devoted to enhance the missional integration between churches and theology schools. Proven professional with a Master of Theology from University of Oxford and Doctor of Philosophy from Queens University of Belfast, UK, and post-doctoral writing projects from Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky and Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA. She is also a Senior Academy Fellow at ICETE Academy. She is married to Dr. Jaison Thomas (Regional Director for Overseas Council (OC) South Asia and the Principal of New India Bible Seminary, Paipad, Kerala. The couple is blessed with two sons Abraham and Aquil.

Towards Vital Wholeness in Theological Education: Framing Areas for Assessment

publication date2017  publication descriptionICETE-Langham

publication descriptionThorough examination of ten key areas in TE that need careful revisit in terms of holistic practices. The book offers actionable solutions to issues relating to the detrimental gaps in the philosophy and practice of TE and offers self-assessment questions at the end of chapters to assist the process of innovation and change by the leaders and faculty in theology schools.
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookDepository, Fishpond etc.


Qualitative Research and Transformative Results: A Primer for Students and Mentors in Theological Education

publication date2018  publication descriptionSAIACS Press, Bangalore

publication descriptionA complete manual on Qualitative Research in TE. The book brings fresh perspectives to theological study in human socio-cultural environments through eight comprehensive chapters and offers theoretical and practical guidance on every aspect of qualitative inquiry
Available on Amazon and SAIACS Press

Enjoy Your Research:: A Manual for Theological Students

Publication Date 2000  publication description New India Publications, Trivandrum, Kerala

publication description Field research manual for Bachelors and Masters programs in theology; published to meet the pertinent need for research resources for beginners in TE in India (and, the larger context of Asia)

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